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We have added a new page and forum topic to the site that allows the public to ask questions to be answered by someone from Gen Y.  If you have a question (example, “why do echo boomers like iPod and iPhones so much” or “what can my company do to retain Generation Y employees”), this is the place to ask it HERE.  We will be answering all valid questions publicly on the blog.  Now is the time to clear up any questions – and best of all, its a FREE service.

Not only can you ask it HERE, but you can also visit the topic in the General Chat portion of the forums, or navigate to it in the tab titled “Ask an Echo Boomer” located above.

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    • Courtney on 12/28/2011 at 9:54 PM
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    What product (perhaps a type of loan, savings account, etc.) could a credit union or bank offer that would appeal to Gen Yers? I am trying to understand the financial needs of this group and what type of product would be helpful desirable to them?

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