Generation Y Attitudes

Here is a snapshot of the attitude of Generation Y taken from a previous post.  Please keep in mind that this is a blanket generalization for an entire generation and shouldn’t be taken as anything more than an observed trend of a large populace.

Attitude/Behavior of Gen Y:

  • Raised as consumers in a media saturated, brand conscious world
  • Fostered a distrustful and cynical view of advertising as a whole – prefers trust, irony, and humor.
  • Parallel (rather than linear) thinkers
  • Apt to begin tasks randomly – perhaps in the middle – as opposed to a traditional starting point
  • Graphics oriented, see text as supporting visual material
  • Thrive on change and variety.
  • Demand quick, if not instant, gratification
  • Upbeat, confident, and assertive with high self esteem
  • Optimistic
  • Independent and self-reliant: Used to doing it (and many other things) themselves
  • Multi-taskers
  • Asserting their “intellectual authority” over parents, teachers, employers because they are more techno-savvy and capable of accessing greater breadth of information quickly.
  • High value for education – strive to continue education through life
  • Motivated and Goal-Oriented
  • Diverse and Tolerant
  • Strong dislike for racism in any form, sexism and homophobia
  • High in Volunteerism
  • Invest in the social and community causes
  • What do Gen Yers value most in life? Family, traditional values, country, planet
  • Unlike the Baby Boomer generation, Gen Yers value things other than income and status as being primary in life
  • Desire to work in highly motivated and committed teams
  • Need to be challenged – look for opportunities for growth, education, apprenticeship
  • Up to 20% of their time is spent alone
  • Includers – they make people feel welcome and involved
  • Lofty financial goals – remember they are spenders!
  • Trained to be “Doers and Achievers”
  • Limited Employer loyalty – Jobs for life are replaced with short-term contracts
  • 1 in 5 Gen Y women will choose to remain childless

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