Generation Y Demographics

A snapshot summary of the demographics of Generation Y, the echo boom of the baby boomers.  Please keep in mind that this is a blanket generalization for an entire generation and shouldn’t be taken as anything more than an observed trend of a large populace.

Demographics of Gen Y

  • Born from 1977-2001 (estimated – majority between 82 and 94)
  • Aka. Echo Boomers or Millennials
  • Children of Baby Boomers, some children of Gen X
  • Oldest holding entry level positions in workforce; youngest in elementary/middle school
  • Nearly 80 million in population (larger than the baby boomer population of 72 million)
  • Ethnically diverse (34% are Black, Hispanic, Asian, or Native American)
  • One in four live in single–parent households
  • 75% have working mothers
  • Highest level of education compared to previous generations.
  • Women may have a higher salary than men due to college admission rates in favor of women.
  • College graduates graduate with an average of $20k-30k debt.
  • Recession impacting Generation Y income – education, debt, high cost of living causing many to return to school, struggle to find jobs, and/or live with family/friends.

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