Timeline of Generations

Who are the baby boomers? How old are they? Who are the millennials? What is the difference between a millennial and Gen Z? Are they the same? Let’s take a look at a timeline demonstrating the generations alive in the United States as of 2020, starting with the Greatest Generation and ending with the untitled generation being currently raised by Millennials.

Generations and their Age Range

Born between
1910 – 1927

The Greatest Generation

Also known as the GI Generation. Came to age during the Great Depression. Fought in World War II. Even those who did not fight were impacted in some way by the war. Mostly parents of the Baby Boomers. By definition, the war survivors triggered the baby boom. In 2020, would be roughly 92-110 years old.

Born between
1928 – 1945

Silent Generation

Grew up during the Great Depression and witnessed World War II, but was too young to fight. Both affected their childhood and worldview. Known to be frugal and traditional. Kept quiet, played by the rules, and respected the system. Mostly parents of Gen X. In 2020, would be roughly 75-92 years old.

Born between
1946 – 1964

Baby Boomers

First generation expected to see the world improve after generations of struggle with war and economic instability. Driven by ideologies and strived to build a world in the wake of war. They were a pivotal generation in civil rights and corporate America. For better and worse, embraced the American Dream which set off economic growth but also poor work/life balance and high divorce rates. Strong work ethic and resourceful, but had a tendency for consumerism due to improving economy. Impacted culture with the credit card, rock and roll, and more. They are mostly the parents of Millennials. In 2020, would be roughly 56-74 years old.

Born between
1965 – 1979

Generation X (Gen X)

Grew up with economic excess and a rapidly changing culture that they embraced. Rebellious but also relatively apathetic to society compared to other generations. Good work ethic and flexibility to adapt to a rapidly changing world. Individualistic and indulged in materialism. Known to be a generation that doesn’t stand out as much as the baby boomers before them or the millennials after them, but shares many similarities to both. Mostly parents of Gen Z. In 2020, would be roughly 41-55 years old.

Born between
1980 – 1994

Millennial (Gen Y, Echo Boomer)

Remembers a world before the popularity of computers, cell phones, and internet. Came to age with the rapid growth of technology and participated in the transition. Tech savvy, comfortable with changing technology, and responsible for pioneering the internet. Their adulthood coincided with the Great Recession and had their finances, careers, and lifestyle impacted. Often over-educated, under-employed, and in debt from student loans, they remain optimistic and even excelling in innovative and creative ways. Idealistic like their parents, the baby boomers, millennials have been leading cultural changes such as gay rights, equal pay, push for diversity, a significant drop in divorce, and gender role changes (97% of millennial dads change diapers). Sometimes called Gen Y or echo boomers due to being the echo of the baby boom generation. Some early Millennials have late Gen Z children, but their childrens’ generation is still coming to age. In 2020, would be roughly 26-40 years old.

Born between
1995 – 2015

Generation Z (Gen Z)

Grew up never knowing a world without the internet or cell phones. Came to age and shaped by a world post-9/11, post-recession, and with growing concerns over things like global warming. Unlike millennials who pioneered the internet and social networking, Gen Z inherited a childhood dominated by the internet and online communities. Individualistic like their parents from Gen X, they have a strong sense of self. Individuality is unique but communities are accepting. Gender, sexuality, and diversity are facts of life. Mental health is paramount. Eco-conscious, diverse, and a strong sense of entrepreneurship. In 2020, would be roughly 5-25 years old.

Born between


The children of the millennials and grandchildren of the baby boomers. No title. No expectations yet. But if its anything like the cyclic pattern of the Millennials and the Baby Boomers, it is expected that this generation will be ambitious, ideological with a mixed focus on civil rights, politics, and restructuring of the workplace/industry to fill their ideological needs in a changing world, inherited by their parents and grandparents. Will know a world dominated by high definition, smart devices, on demand content, self driving cars, and artificial intelligence. In 2020, would be 0-5 years old.


    • sheldon on 01/31/2020 at 8:41 AM
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    i have a millennial friend with a decal on his car that said millennial anti-theft device because it had manual transmission lol. he was really upset when i pointed out that he was in fact a millennial.

    • Marcy on 01/31/2020 at 8:47 AM
    • Reply

    Gen X is always the forgotten middle child. And I didn’t even know there was a generation between the GI and baby boomers.

    • Jhon on 04/06/2021 at 6:48 AM
    • Reply

    This timeline does not match the other depictions of the timeline on this website in which gen Y runs from 1980 to 2001 (which would really be the only reason for the name millennial as it lines up with the new millennium) I digress, my point was that the information on this page does not match information given on other pages of this site.

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