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The Echo Boom Statistics

Below is an outline on the characteristics of members of the echo boom, Generation Y, the echo boomers.  Keep in mind that this is a generalization, an observed concept, and not a conclusive description.  Not all echo boomers will identify with this, but it might demonstrate overall trends. Demographics of Gen Y Born from 1977-2001 …

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Is Online Privacy a Concern for You?


Generation Y is on the front lines of a growing privacy issue online. How concerned are you about your degree of online privacy? Do you believe it isn’t a big deal and feel that the internet brings about a new era of transparency, or does the availability of information online leave you paranoid? Please respect …

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How to Make a Household Budget


It is important for Generation Y to practice good financial responsibility.  Echo boomers were taught that getting an education and a good job would allow us to live comfortably.  However, that American dream is no longer a reality, so its important to be intelligent in your financial decisions. Its really simple to create a quick …

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Make the Most of College: 10 Tips to Make College Worthwhile

10 College Tips

Find the right college.  Yes, before you even get there, make sure you go to a college that fits you as an individual.  Not only is this imperative to get the education you want, but also the sanity you deserve.  Going to the wrong college can lead to mental breakdowns, a depressing four years, and …

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When Did Gen Y Begin?

Generation Y

Generation Y began in 1977-1982.  It is not black and white, it is a shaded gray area.  Some people in this time frame will identify with Generation X while others may identify with Generation Y.  It mostly depends on their parents, friends, and childhood upbringing. The peak of Generation Y was from 1982-1993.  Nearly all …

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Generation Y Changing the Way We Watch Movies

Netflix on Wii

Echo boomers are changing the way we view TV and movies. The same day Blockbuster, a 25 year old movie rental store, declares bankruptcy (link), Netflix, a 13 year old online movie rental company, declares it will be focusing on streaming content online (link). This is another example of the shift away from physical forms …

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Graduate with Excellent Credit: 5 Ways to Jump Start your Credit Score

Credit Score Matters

Echo boomers are growing up in a difficult financial time.  Everywhere you turn, there are products and services to check your credit, monitor your credit, fix your credit.  Its for good reason too – your credit score is important.  If you want to buy a car, a house – or even rent an apartment – …

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Gen Y Won’t Fix the Housing Market


The lack of confidence in the US real estate industry is apparent across the entire country.  Even recession proof areas such as Washington DC are experiencing some slowdown.  Some analysts have placed faith on Gen Y, the echo boomers, to be the saving grace of the market. Gen Y has close to 80 million in …

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Ask an Echo Boomer


We have added a new page and forum topic to the site that allows the public to ask questions to be answered by someone from Gen Y.  If you have a question (example, “why do echo boomers like iPod and iPhones so much” or “what can my company do to retain Generation Y employees”), this …

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Gen Y: What is Most Important in Life?

Poll of the Day

This poll is to judge what is important in life for Gen Y.  Is Generation Y more relaxed, ambitious, greedy, egotistical, or just plain balanced?  Please feel free to cast your vote if you are from Gen Y (born in 80s and 90s), comment, or join the discussion in the forum on why you chose …

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