Poll: Do You Have at Least 3 Months Income in Savings?

Generation Y doesn’t seem to be saving money.  This could be because of many reasons – cost of living is high, wages are down, unemployment is high, debt is skyrocketing.  Do you, Generation Y, have at least 3 months of income in your savings?  Please only vote if you are from Generation Y to preserve the integrity of the poll.  Feel free to discuss the topic in the comments or forum.

Do You Have at Least 3 Months Income in Savings?

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  1. Cedar says:

    The youth don’t have time for anything.. forget saving !!!

  2. Brian_64 says:

    I have 1 year income saving in my account. Apat from my regular employment, I do some online business. I'm businessminded and always taking the risks.  Cool

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