Date/Age Range of Baby Boomers, Generation X, and Generation Y

Here is the date range comparison between these 3 generations.  Note that the start and end date are debatable.  As I said in a previous post, generations don’t end with black and white borders.  They fade into one another, so you will see an overlap of age.  Without further adieu, here are the ranges:

Generation Timeline

Baby Boomers: 1946~1953 to 1964

This would make baby boomers, in the year 2010, somewhere in the ballpark of 46-64 years old.

Gen X: 1965 to 1976~1982

This would make generation X, in the year 2010, somewhere in the ballpark of 28-45 years old.

Gen Y: 1977~1982 to 1995~2001

This would make generation Y, in the year 2010, somewhere in the ballpark of 9-33 years old.

For the most part, Generation Y are the children of the Baby Boomers, and in some cases, grandchildren.  This is due to them being around their prime reproductive years during the 1980s (the last baby boomers turned 18 in 1982).  Thus, the echo boomers being a surge in population as an echo of the baby boomer post-war boom.

What generation do you identify with?

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  1. David

    I was born in 1979, so I am a true millenial – here’s why:

    I am:

    1. open – minded to ALL kinds of diversity.
    2. impatient.
    3. tech – savvy.
    4. want a fun job rather than one that just pays money/won’t stay at one company all my life.

    1. Mike

      I was born in 1977 and I feel that I fit into Gen Y. The things that Gen X identify with like The Breakfast Club or any of the “brat pack” movies always seemed to me like things that the older kids were into. This is probably because I was the oldest of 4 siblings ranging in birth year 1977 to 1988 that I was more immersed in that culture. If I were born in 1977 as the youngest sibling I would probably have been exposed to more Gen X culture by older brothers or sisters. The only thing from Gen X that I recognize is the challenger explosion; which happened when I was in 3rd grade (I think). I do remember MTV actually playing music video (and some of the early music videos) but that was because my parents (as late boomers) used to watch MTV. When I was of the MTV watching age it was all about Bevis and Buthead, Daria, and the Real World.

      1. Stefan Tagan

        Ha ha I was born in 1981 and this comment sounds like it was written for me. Thank you for not going on about kids these days born after 1980, as I’ve seen done on the internet. Though I consider 1977 GenX for sure. And even though those 80s HS movies weren’t for us, they were made for us. After all, kids watch those movies. I definitely watched Heathers and Weird Science even though I was little when they came out. I don’t think GenXers born in 1965 were watching HS movies in their 20s, just like I never saw Mean Girls or Napoleon Dynamite because they came out when I was graduating college and living on my own the first few years.

    2. Mike

      I also feel that I am a Gen Y Millenial for the same reasons as David.

      Also my next brother out of the 4 of us was born in 1979 and we practically grew up as if we were twins.

    3. Tiki Tina

      Dont forget 7. Arrogant

    4. jmonkey

      hell ya I agree

    5. Dr. pepper

      That makes you selfish not a gen x

    6. shannon

      Hey David, it sounds like you are trying to be in a generation you don’t belong. I think you are being pretentious and looking for a reason to quit your jobs regularly with an excuse. Move on!

      1. Albert

        Shannon I agree David sounds like a deadbeat trying to classify himself in a generation of laziness. His fathet should have pulled out for 13 more years.

    7. Leslie Grossheim

      Generation X, born in 1965

    8. Thomas

      Nope your an echo boomer i was born 1967 apoc baby veitnam era when the second last boomers were in high school no man sorry to rain on your parade ms come later heres why the oldest millnials were. Born 1988 till 1999 juno follow after ms i know echo boom are called millinial but they arnt just like post boom are not boom and always know that the silent gen are not boomers real simple war babies babies born during war time and post war thats even why gen x rebeckas those born in the 70s are different from late 60s born xs ….however you are the core of ms being the ys came before and before silent there are age of inocence gen and gi gen my grandparants some xs even had gi parants not critazing just pointing it out hope this helps pluss we gen xrs started everything just like the silents our main parants first yuppies famous rockers all …peace tom.quote jimi janis jim silents not boomers..kurt x…mila kunis y …example..yes our values were thrown away for us not by us.

    9. Shaf

      Umm..you want to be a millennial, but technically you are not. 🙂 The things you listed are simply characteristics and preferences.

    10. SkySoldier

      You describe yourself as a Mellenial.

    11. Phi

      Your gay too!

  2. skull

    5. a tool

    1. gingerbaker


    2. Teddy

      6. gay

    3. HD

      Skull, Teddy, Cally…..you guys hit the nail on the head!! Excellent!!
      Auds…..go home, hug a tree, meditate, call your therapist and heal your inner child

  3. cally

    Saying you’re a true “millenial” by listing traits is the same as someone saying they’re a true capricorn, scorpio, etc., and listing traits associated with it. You’re pretty much saying that anyone that doesn’t have those exact traits (which could apply to anyone of any generation not just one particular pretentious douche) in that time frame of birth years, isn’t really “from” that era.

    1. Kimberly King

      I agree with Cally. We have six children, all of who are considered millennials and yet none of them have the same characteristics. And if you go by what the “average” millennial is supposed to be, you are not even close. But every generation has different ideas about what the generation before and after them is like so I guess it’s just on how things are perceived.

  4. CryHavoc

    At least this site has the age ranges correct. I was born in 1962 and I am a late Baby Boomer (Not part of Generation X). I remember most of the Vietnam War, I watched Nixon resign on TV and I have first hand experience with things analog. (I also can turn on a TV without having a remote.)

    1. Beav62

      I agree. Until I started looking into this after watching Survivor and started trying to figure out how old each group was, I always thought of myself as a young boomer. But then I saw sites that said I was a Gen X-er. Born in 1962, I am definitely a young boomer!!

      1. Dan

        I agree. Born in 62 and always considered myself a tail end Boomer. I can remember hearing new Beatles songs on the radio. I remember watching the moon landing in 1969. Now people like Kurt Cobain…Pure GenX….I like Nirvana too, but I was 18 when John Lennon was murdered and that event affected me far more than the death of Cobain.

        1. Billy B. JR.

          I was only 10 years old when lennon died… it was very upsetting to me even at that age. I was raised by a baby boomer and a “traditionalist” so I identify with 2 older generations and 1 younger generation real well.

          1. JoeJoe

            I was nine when Lennon was murdered and didnt care at all….He was a big time has been at that point. I remember him always on the talk shows being an idiot. His murder was the best thing that could have happened to his legacy…Elvis was the same exact way…

    2. Angela

      I was born in the late 50’S I am proud to be a Baby Boomer we didn’t take crap from no one if we saw something in society need changes we go out March until we got what we want.We enjoy antenna TV we love having fun if possible everyday we r still dancing and having fun.Back in our Bell Bottoms Bells.

    3. HuMrLvR24

      I couldn’t agree more! Although, I wasn’t alive during Vietnam & Nixon resigning [LoL]. I am many things…daughter, wife, mother, NaNa, mother-in-law, sister, cousin, Christian, friend & Poet. According to list I am Generation X, as I was birthed in 1970. (Hands on Analog experience, tech savvy, honest & reliable. We are only as honest & dependable as our promises…not promises made, meaning, “Your word is your bond!”

  5. auds

    You guys were assholes to David. Shame on you, ya pricks.

  6. Lol


  7. lolol


  8. Greta

    I live in the cb generation. That means chipboard. No solid timber for me

  9. Elise Krentzel

    I am a baby boomer bordering on the edge of indigo so I’m an indigo elder. My son was born 2001 that makes him a crystal.

  10. mark

    what are you all talking about im a true gen y (1988) we dont respect nobody like anything unless it self destructive and we will be changing your diapers and feeding you apple sauce haha herherher heheehe

    1. Luke

      Mark, it doesn’t surprise me one bit. You sound like a 24 karat generation Y asshole who needs a good kick in the pants! Only one that will be eating applesauce and wearing diapers is you buddy! Proud X’er here

    2. Snarkyboomer

      Oh Sweetie, Your why a lot of us chose not to have kids. And Mark there’s a book you should check out, it’s called the dictionary. It might help you since it’s obvious our schools haven’t. But be careful its a book and its heavier than your iPhone, if you don’t understand any of this find a adult.

      1. Gammie

        Snarkey don’t you mean “you’re the reason”? It’s in the dictionary.

      2. Terry

        You put the word “your ” where the word “you’re ” belongs.

      3. Terry

        And, the word “an” should be before adult not the word “a “

  11. David H

    i was born in 1998. so i am a gen y. always wondered what generation i was.

  12. Mike

    You might be changing our diapers Mark but never forget who changed who’s diaper first. Respect or not YOU OWE US!!!! LOL

  13. larry

    if i was born 2 hours earlier i would been a baby boomer gen.

  14. IBigDady Eskenazi

    3.28.69 GEN X it just sounds cooler then any of the others.

  15. altavista

    Millenials: Day care specials raised with little nurturing or direction by single moms who wanted to be their kids’ “best friend.” The thought of the US potential for complete collapse under the weight of these sociopathic, chemical-abusing jerks is so depressing.

    1. Frak

      If the parents raised them wrong, then the parent’s generation is to blame. Cant fault the kids for that.

    2. jolly roger


    3. HuMrLvR24

      I concur wholeheartedly!

  16. sarah

    I have three children born in 1967-1970-1982/ r they all generation x

  17. Brenda

    Yes I agree I was born in 79 so I’m in that overlap period between x and y and I have friends from both generation X and generation Y and even though i share things with both I have to say I feel I relate more to generation X

  18. Lee

    I was born in 1977 and im the opposite of Mikeon what he says so I feel more like Gen x and if u look at other rates of the generatons most of then have a split between X and y after 1977 its either 78 that Y starts or 1980
    so in at the end of generation X

  19. Liz Dixon

    It doesnt matter what genergation you are. Live your life the best you can. I wish only happiness for all generations
    Love Baby Boomer

  20. Tess

    You really saved my skin with this inrmofation. Thanks!

  21. Brett Louis Brown

    I was born 1950 and have been through many years.i am traveling.And hope to keep going along with the rest of You LOL!!!

  22. beb

    I was born in the generation that knew God and respected Him first, others second…we are in the ‘lost generation” who no longer feel the need for God or respect Him…… this generation does ‘what is right in their own eyes..” look out, we’re ready for a fall!.

  23. marine30

    I’m a solid generation ” Y “. Does anyone even remember using an encyclopedia to do research for an English essay? or using a Pay Phone to call for a ride home from the movie theatre? I sure do.

  24. fiend

    I was born in 1980. I do not identify with generation y/the millennials. At the very young age of 13 i remember listening to my very first CD, Pearl Jams Ten, in my brand new Sony CD player from a store called Service Merchendise. A younger millennial will not remember this company. Neither will they remember Montgomery Ward, Crowleys, Woolworths, F&M, Hudsons ect ect. At a young age i felt part of the current generation that surrounded me, which was generation X. Maybe not the core but definately i am an expression of this generation as it did shape my tastes and interests. I find it a load of horse sh!t when the members of this generation ironically have a say in anything when they didnt want anything to do with naming or defining their own generation back in the 90s how they jump right in and dictate whos in and whos out today. This isnt a fashion show sweetie so shut the f8ck up. Generation x by an umbiased source is defined as those people born between 1961 and 1981. 1982 starts the millennials because they came of age in 2000. Generations consist of 20 years because 20 years makes up a lifetime. 11 years does not make up a lifetime. A person barely reaches puperty in 11 years. Generation x does not end in 1975, 76, 77, 78, 79, or 80. If it does, what are the reasons for that? My peers in high school were part of generation x and i witnessed the first millennial high school graduation ceremony in the year 2000, and this to me, solidifies that i am at least, not a millennial.

    1. Steve G

      I concur. I always think at least having a childhood in the 80s is a genx thing. I used to not think that but now that I see how different late 70s/early 80s kids are from late 80s/early 90s kids, I do think the very early 80s belongs to GenX. Any distinction between 70s babies and very early 80s seem trivial, but early 80s to late 80s/early 90s just seems like a different generation to me, from my life experience. And not just in the “everyone is a certain way when they are young” way. Early 80s babies were the minimum to enjoy but nevertheless did enjoy such things as a 1980s childhood, the alternative rock and rave scenes of the 90s (though the latter end of those), the end of the house music/large club scene, which died where I live around 2003, they were around 25 when social media started, they got their first jobs when the minimum wage was $4.25-$5.25 but moved out of their parents’ houses young because rents hadn’t gotten ridiculous yet, and they had careers and some even got lucky and purchased homes before the great recession. They grew up doing things by snail mail and landline and were just as enamored as older adults when things like online stores started. The grew up on “genX culture” such as all of the pop music of the 80s and movies like Wierd Science or Just One of the Guys or Heathers, or those Pop magazines from circa 1990, not knowing that was for a “different’ generation.

      A typical 1990 born person I work with, does everything online, even reserving a restaurant table, is very concerned with being PC, even when it doesn’t make sense or they get the concepts wrong (ex. afraid to ask where someone is from because it is “offensive” even though the person would be happy to talk about where they are from), dress like a hipster, doesn’t really dress up at all, is over-reliant on technology, sending excessive emails across the office instead of talking to eachother. Considers stuff from the 80s out of date and old. OK, I’m not an expert on people 10 years younger than myself but I can see differences.

  25. elle

    Gen X is 1961 – 1981

  26. Rudeboy

    Mark you’re what my friend and I call a Droid. When you look into the eyes of many young people in their 20’s, there’s nothing there!

    The 80’s was a time when women, espcially older, who couldn’t get pregnant, forced the issue with invitro and other methods just cause it was fashionable to have kids along with the irish setter and suv!

    Unfortunately like many things fashionable, this too passed and dogs died and the suv’s got traded in for bigger one’s but the kid is still around.

    Not alot of time and effort was put into proper parenting and teaching children manners and good social skills of that decade and well, now most of you can’t even put your phone down or make it on your own without mommy and daddy having you move back in!

  27. Danial

    I’m 24 but I’m look like 15 will that weird or interesting

    1. Tom

      I’m 59 and still act like I’m 15

  28. Jerry Maul

    Your definition of baby boomer is totally bogus. After WWII all the soldiers and supporting people went home and made babies. The real baby boomers starting birthdate is from March of 1946 and lasted until all the horney GIs procreated about 3 to 4 years later as many had to remain on duty overseas.

    Try March 1946 Through December 1950.

    I was born during WWII and am just a plain war baby.

    1. Frak

      Yeah, they came home from WW2 and made a baby boom. But also the soldiers from the Korean War and Vietnam War did the same. Date range seems to support that. More than one boom, but all baby boomers.

  29. The Wise Man

    People need to stop starting Gen Y in the 70s, and stop starting Gen Z in the 90s.
    I think it’s best if all generation spans are equal, so it’s perfect logical smooth sailing, instead of some retarded arbitrary roller coaster.

    1910-1927 = Greatest Generation

    1928-1945 = Silent Generation

    1946-1963 = Baby Boomers

    1964-1981 = Generation X

    1982-1999 = Generation Y

    2000-2017 = Generation Z

    And there you have it, an 18 year span for each generation. Perfect!

    1. Mimi4Charlie&Dex

      Lovely sage advice from The Wise Man. I too subscribe to the description of “overlap of the generations” from the website and suggestion of 18 year “generation titles.” I will return to avoiding online comments after this, due to the rudeness and inappropriate remarks some folks make. I return to cyberspace oblivion and leave my comments to roam the void of those unnoticed by most.

    2. Jon

      I pretty much agree! Perfectly stated!

  30. Koren

    Why do people start Gen Y at 1977, just to minimize the term for Gen X and beef up the term for Gen Y?
    Late 70s babies are Xers, that should not be debated.
    The last year of Gen X is 1981, since they were the last to be in double digits in 1991 when Nirvana’s “Nevermind” came out and the USSR collapsed, plus they were adults before 2000.

    Gen Y should start at 1982, even Strauss and Howe, whom coined the term, started it at 1982.

    I believe generations should be given an even split, of 18 years, so

    1910-1927 = Greatest Generation
    1928-1945 = Silent Generation
    1946-1963 = Baby Boomers
    1964-1981 = Generation X
    1982-1999 = Generation Y
    2000-2017 = Generation Z

    1. Mark Rago

      I agree. I was born in 81 and hardly consider myself a Millenial. I think geography and upbringing has something to do with it too. I’m a rural Pennsylvania hick that loves the outdoors. I fear God and it frightens me that younger folks embrace far left political ideals like Socialism and Bernie Sanders. I’m not sold on Trump yet, but I’m willing to give him a chance. I’m sure most Millenials would behead me for believing in working my way up the ladder and in merit based success or how I believe Climate change is dramatized in the name of politics and government program funding. I know my way around a computer, but a reasonably cognizant person of any age can figure that out. I think generations are more about actual numbers anyways. If Baby Boom ended in 64 and lasted 18 years, than X started in 65 and lasted 18 years through 83. I’ve seen X described as a period as short as 11 years. That is proposterous. A generation needs to grow up in order to be a generation, no? I have no children, but I could of had a child at age 18 in 1999, and that child would be a Millenial. I don’t have a better argument than that…

  31. 3zek3il


  32. Geo

    Shouldn’t there be a distinction based on what gen of video game consoles someone grew up with before they were 18?

  33. Lex

    Seems like there are more comments saying “Gen X” yet in the survey results more people identified as Boomers by a long shot…kinda weird. Personally I’m a Gen X but now a days I feel like I identify more with Millennials in certain ways like their ideals and their desire for change, specially politically. I’m 39 and don’t feel like a have a lot in common with Gen X’rs in their 50s since a lot of the ones I encounter are more conservative but this might be where I live. Time to move I guess lol.

  34. Jib jab

    I am a Gen Y, but my c_ck is a baby boomer… anybody got 1 of those blue pills?

  35. Hilario

    This site is really interesting. I have bookmarked it.
    Do you allow guest posting on your page ? I can write hi quality posts for you.
    Let me know.

  36. Granny

    Reading through all these post out of curiosity in hopes of of seeking enlightenment, I have observed age has nothing to do with emotional, mental or intellectual maturity and a bully can be found in all generations.

    1. John

      Agreed. Humanity is pretty consistent. People act like people… which can be pretty ugly. Age is just a reason for people to point out differences, but they are more alike than they are willing to see.

  37. Robert

    My sister were born in 64,65 and I was born in 1967. My older sister is a Baby Boomer and my other sister and I are Generation X. I rather be considered a Baby Boomer than Gen X. I mean shit, if my sister is a Boomer than I should be one too.

  38. Dave

    A tech savvy baby boomer I am. 1-20-60 Remember the biggest part of Vietnam War. Took part in the Iranian crisis. Watched the Gulf War on TV. The generations y and z are nothing but a bunch of needy cry babies. Generation x have thrown away their values and morals.

  39. Thomas

    does anybody really care about these labels?

  40. Me123

    I was born in 1981 but can barely remember the 80’s . The childhood I remember was from the late 80’s to late 90’s. I was listening to grunge and snoop Dogg at 12, so that music holds the most sentimental value. I had my first email and knew more about computers in 1996 than most adults. I was 20 when 9/11 happened and had my first child in 2000. I feel in between generations, partially because of what I was exposed to media wise. Anyone else relate?

    1. Your Consciousness

      If I have to label myself, I feel like a “betweener” too. I was born later ’78 (38 yrs. old). I have 3 siblings (birth years ’81, ’83, ’86). Of course I relate to most of my siblings’ experiences because we were all so close. All of my childhood/teenage friends in the later 80s and throughout the 1990s were born between 78-83. My main memories of the ’80s were 1988-89, but the world/national events that occurred during those years weren’t exactly significant to my growth as I was too young to care. I didn’t move out of my parents house until 2001 (22 years old). I didn’t finish college until 2005 (I began in ’98, but quit for a few years & then returned). We had a full internet connection in ’95 (& I was online gaming in 1996!) in my parents home. I’ve had technology in my life since I was a young teenager, and I’ve never looked back! The main world events that REALLY impacted my young perspective were the 1995 Oklahoma bomb, 9/11, 2003 Iraq war, 2000 & 2004 elections, Obama’s 2008 election, & 2008-10 financial meltdown.
      In retrospect, anyone born post 1970 are all in a similar generation, or era, because we’ve all been impacted by the radical policy shifts from both political parties, polarized politics, radical ideologies, world events, income inequality, digital revolution/internet boom, globalization, social media/Apps, etc.

      Further, anyone born 1973-1990 (approximate age range 27-43) are still in the process of taking over the aging/retiring Boomers’ jobs (because there are so many of them), and we aren’t middle-aged yet, which usually isn’t until after age 45 (Merriam Webster’s Dictionary). Essentially the world is a different place compared to our parents/grandparents who came before us. The U.S. Census Bureau only has Baby Boomers labeled as a generation (1946-1965) and no other generations are categorized in their data. All the other generational labels are put on all the rest of us by the corporate media and so-called “experts.”

      It’s impossible to label millions of people and put them into categories. Based on what, the kind of pop music we liked when we were kids/teenagers/20-something’s? Or the movies/TV shows we watched while growing up? Or all the mass media we consumed? Or how spoiled we are? Or how we’ve lost our morals/values? We all have similar, yet uniquely different experiences throughout our lives. The generational labels are bogus and wrong.
      BTW, I listened to Snoop Dogg, Dre, and Ice Cube in the early/mid- 90s too. 🙂

  41. Mark Rago

    Being born in 1981, I consider myself Gen X, contrary to some available data. I have a very different set of values compared to the stereotypical Millenial yet the early 80s always seem to be lumped into this generation. I’ve seen figures stating Generation X is an 11 year period from 65-76. 11 years? One would assume a generation would at least run 18 years, no? I love getting my hands dirty outside, vote Libertarian and Republican, listen to classic rock, and I’m a self educated horticultural salesperson. I think success is based on merit and accept that there are winners and losers in life. I’m not judging all millenials or saying they all are the same. I just feel my values are more that of an older generation.

  42. jim

    If a true accounting was taken and Genx was given an actual 20 year timeline, it would dwarf the other two generations.

  43. Eric

    This seems to be a topic of hot interest, I only looked in to it maybe 10 years ago, and what I found out as far as both statistics, birthrates, and cultural shifts/ what life was life, etc….. I came up as a bookend to Generation X (1965-1982), being born in 1981, however with all of these generational subgenre’s I found I also fit in to what was once called “Flux” (1976-1982), but now has been renamed Catalano, or Oregon Trail.. The problem with the years they listed for this (1978-1989) is that most of my friends who watched My So Called Life, and played Oregon Trail on Apple II E, were typically my age and up a little bit.. perhaps 1976-1982 or even as early as 1975, would qualify more for that.
    Also I see Millennial being used to describe an entire main generation gap, which is wrong. Generation Y is the main name/time frame (those born between 1983-2001) but Millennial refers to the Millennial years, which technically are (2001-2009) therefore it would make sense that those who graduated high school and came of age (age 18) during those years, would be known as such.
    Also with a lot of the garbage thrown around about Gen Y being lazy and entitled, sounds no different than what was said about Gen X as being Apathetic Slackers, or Babyboomers being nothing but a bunch of Hippy Dippy dropouts… its just the media trying to enforce negative stereotypes, as well as dividing up demographics for profit via latest crazes.
    things I remember from my youth?? records, cassettes, arcades, long division,(no calculators allowed), regular post office mail, even some rotary phones, MTV, Tower Records, Footquarters, Converse (Chucks) were 5 bucks a pair, Gas for my 1989 Civic was 1.10 a gallon for GOOD stuff, the usual was maybe .89 cents a gallon, and my favorite guitar (Gibson ES 355) was worth 1500.00 bucks, while Jaguars and Mustangs were between 250-300 bucks in pawn shops… today these have quadrupled in cost and worth, at least.

  44. Pat L

    My parents were married in 1927. I was born 19 years later in March 1946. I am an only child. I do not fit the Baby Boomer group at all but fit the group before that. I “should have been” born approximately 1928 or so and was brought up with that group’s parenting skills. My friends are all older and one very good friend was born the same year my parents married in 1927. My parents would have been 111 years old now. I am Canadian.

  45. Jim S

    Born Mid 50’s two most tragic things to happen in my life was when JFK and brother Bobby were killed remember exactly where I was at and what I was doing at school when we got the announcement, these are listed as one event to me because they happened so close.Second when 45 was elected and all morality went out window this even has affected our country in so many negative ways and has tore apart many family’s and friendships including my own. I have been working in construction since I was 15yrs old, started as a laborer pouring concrete and for last 20yrs have had my own company, this is why I have no respect for a person that screws hard working contractors out of their hard earned money, once a liar and cheat always a liar and cheat!!! My oldest son born ’82’ I would say he is a bit both X & Y he does work hard but cannot take even constructive criticism nor advice and when he screws up at times is one that blames others which I am working hard to break this habit since their are two kinds of people in this world “those that screw up and blame everything and everybody else for their screw up” and “those that are fully accountable for their mistakes” EVERYBODY SCREWS UP SO JUST OWN IT!!! Then the is my youngest full blown Y born in ’88’ and is was and always will be the poster child for birth control since he was born!! I was so afraid to have another like him I got cut when he was 1yr old!!! Now at 29 has done absolutely nothing and is a waste of oxygen and space but knows everything, has lied his entire life, even if you watched him do something wrong he would deny and NEVER admit to doing it!! He does absolutely nothing productive in society but of course feels impelled to force his opinion on anybody he come in contact with. We are now estranged and as far as I am concerned he can leave me out of his life completely every since he felt it was OK to tell me in my house while eating my food that I did not know anything about 45 and that all of the things said of him were fake and I could shut my f***ing mouth, so you can see he watch’s a lot of the crazy conspiracy driven shows because that is all he does is watch TV instead of contribute!! My generation has seen so many things it is incredible the advancement’s in technology that we have witnessed, as a young child in school we had bomb drills instead of fire drills where we would go to the floor under desk and cover our heads with our arms and tuck into our knees, the schools had bomb shelters clearly marked, we all knew the Russians were (still are) our biggest enemy’s, we have protested when things where wrong and will continue to do so until my last breath, we work hard and also will probably continue to do so until death. I am hurt, ashamed, mad, and will be vigilant in fighting the craziness of 45 and what he is doing to our country and the divide IT is creating amongst us. Just FYI coal is not coming back, manufacturing is now automated and Mexican’s did not steal these jobs nor did they steal the construction jobs or harvesting job’s they are doing the jobs that American’s no longer want to do and they do it very well and do not complain, if gen X or Y want these jobs they could have them but they are lazy and do not want to work hard so these jobs had to be filled by somebody and it is sad to see that people do not realize this fact. I have to say that I had the privilege of growing up in the best time in history and also got to live my adult life in the best Country in the world but now I have to grow old in a broken & divided Country because enough people thought that making a lying, child molesting, perverted, cheating, stealing, failed business man and Russian bedfellow our commander and chief was a good idea?? This time in history will haunt Americans for many years and we are and will continue to pay dearly for this very bad decision that many of you made!! All morality is gone and will never return!!

    1. Barbara

      Wow Jim Bitter much. I was born in 1951 and the stories you tell I can not relate to. We had fire drills never in my 66 years did I ever attend a Bomb Shelter drill. I have lived under 14 Presidents now and I think each had there flaws. Hey if what you say is true you will still be around in 8 years to see the next one, but I for one now love my President. So sad about your relationship with your son but maybe take your own advice on that one…everyone screw up!

      1. Chuck WS

        Barbara, I was born in the 70s and we had to do bomb drills too. Not sure where you live, but some places were higher priority targets during the Cold War so the kids were taught to duck under their desks. If I’m not mistaken, some areas still do them, but they don’t call them bomb drills anymore.

        Also, not to start an argument, but I agree with Jim. There have been Presidents with flaws, but this is the first one that is completely incompetent for the position. Despite the numerous things done since, I still can’t forgive him for his disrespect on veterans and prisoners of war that gave their lives for this country. They are heroes and I will never forgive him for saying making that comment.

    2. Chris

      you sound like a really angry old man. You should make up with your son and maybe not refer to him as a poster child for birth control. The popular idea these days is that “45” is a bad guy. Maybe you’re the one who has been watching too much T.V.!

  46. Donnerjack

    Sorry kids. How you “identify” does not make it so. There are cold hard dates that are used to define each generation. It is not fluid or something you can just make up.

    1965 -1980 : Generation X

    1980 -2000: Generation Y (millinial)

    Look at it this way if it helps you. My generation (X) spawned Gen Y. We instilled in you OUR values.

    The oldest of your generation, is spawning Gen Z. Gen Z, the oldest of which ate beginning to graduat highschool. They have proven to be the most conservative in history. They are diverse as you can get. Believe in individual responsibility. Freedom of speech, and do not judge people by the color if their skin…like younger Gen Y kids do.

    Let this sink in and maybe you will understand.

    1. Karen Phillips

      Sorry Dominick, but my farther was a baby boomer so even though technically I’m a y as born in 1988 i identify with gen x. I was not spawned from a gen x

  47. Chuck WS

    Jim, as much as I agree with a lot of your points, I don’t think its as bad as you think it is. The world and country always had terrible people and terrible elements. You just never heard about it because you got your news from a local paper or television station. The internet brings the most terrible, the most shocking, the worst of the worst, straight to your face minutes after it happens. Gun violence and crime is at an all time low for example but thanks to the internet and because everyone has a camera phone, you can see the worst elements of your society exposed.

  48. Gen - Xer

    I am the first of Gen -Xers. I cannot be a baby boomer because my parents were born in 1941. My grandfathers served in WWII. My grandparents were 22 & 24 when my parents were born. The bottom line is you must be the offspring of the Great generation to be even considered a Baby Boomer. Isn’t that the entire point of being called a baby boomer? I was born in 1960. My mother had just turned 19.

    I’m tired of people arguing with me. I’m the in-between generation – Gen-Xers!

  49. stan b

    unless I have love……”boomer’47. grow up u don’t no how good u got it or go to the moon & do not return.

  50. Gassbuttoxx

    I Sharted!!!

    – Gen X

  51. Lynnsksa

    I’m a female Boomer ‘54. It’s sad to say but we’re all still struggling with the same problems. Equal rights, bad economy, pollution, war, violence, corrupt government, etc. Seems very sad that we haven’t figured out how to fix any of them. We’re all in it together, no matter what age. When I was in my 20’s, it felt like getting old was a long time away. But you get there faster than you think. I feel bad for Millineals. What a terrible world you’ve inherited. We all feel like our generation was the best. That’s because we were young and having fun. I don’t think it’s a contest to see who is best. Boomers need to remember what they were doing at that age and give the Millennials a break. And Millennials need to remember that they too will be old sooner than they think and cut us Boomers a break. Maybe love isn’t all you need, but it’s a great place to start.

  52. Lynnska

    I’m a female Boomer ‘54. It’s very sad that we are still struggling with the same problems. Equal rights, bad economy, pollution, corrupt government, war, violence, etc. How awful that we haven’t been able to fix any of it. I feel sorry for millenials. We are all in the same boat no matter what age. We all think our generation is best because you are having fun when you’re young. When I was in my 20’s, it felt like getting old was far away. But you get there faster than you think. I think boomers need to remember how they felt when they were young and give the millenials a break. And millenials need to remember that they will be old sooner than they think and cut the boomers a break. We all need to pull together and help each other out of this mess. Maybe love isn’t ALL you need, but it’s a great place to start. Peace!

  53. William Tippins

    1998, and I’m definitely a Y’er. There is NO WAY that Gen Z begins anywhere in the 90s. My peers and I in college have seen more of the transition to this digital era growing up. We remember getting flip phones when we hit middle school, watching movies on VHS, heck, a handful of us even faintly remember 9/11 from when we were very young (Myself included). Don’t you dare lump me in with those born after the Millennium!

  54. Jaime

    Born in 1931….No compters….no A/C….no TV….no nuthin’ I guess…

    All we did was work and fight wars….but it sure seems like we had fun….

  55. Rusty

    I identify as Gen X despite being born in early 1983 simply because I was raised by a Traditional, I cannot relate to millennials and millennials would consider me to be old. I may be 35 but, I pass for 25.

  56. Anthony

    why would any of your define yourselves based on what year you were born or what gen you “belong” to? does it give you special abilities to be a gen x? seems like a lot of gen x people here are really proud. what are you guys proud of? not being condescending, i genuinely want to know how being part of gen x makes you so proud and how it makes you a better person.

  57. Fred Thomas

    Here’s my take on it, and it comes from where were you 12/31/1999? If you were under age 18, then you’re too young to be part of Generation X (ie the final cutoff would be 12/31/1981 as a birthday). Conversely, if you were under 21, then the cutoff would be 12/31/1978. This means the very earliest Generation Y members would have been born 1/1/1979 as they were too young to have toasted the end of the 90’s and the whole Y2K thing until AFTER midnight (if you’re in the US where you can’t drink until you’re 21), as well as the youngest to have been any kind of adult in the 90’s would be those born in 1981 and before. The only overlap, and I mean ONLY overlap would be those born between 1979 and 1981. This means Generation X includes everyone born through 1978, and Generation Y everyone born starting in 1982. So, for those between 1979 and 1981? Well, they can pick either for the reasons mentioned above. They were either very young adults in the 90’s, so they’re at the very tail end of Gen X if they want to be, or since they technically came of drinking age after Y2K, they can call themselves early Gen Y’s if they want. Basically, stop including 1977 and 1978 as Gen Y, they’re far too old, and have just as much in common with those born in 1974, 1975, and 1976 as they were all in high school/college together in the 90’s (1991-2000).

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